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Prof. A. Hafid has more than fifteen years of industry and research experience in the areas of distributed multimedia systems and communication protocols.


He is currently faculty with the computer sciences dept of the University of Montreal leading the Network Research Lab he founded in 2005. Please contact Prof. Hafid by mailto:ahafid@iro.umontreal.ca


Prof. A. Hafid has published in premium international journals from IEEE, ACM, IBM, IFIP and others on technical issues including:   

  • Traffic Management Systems for MPLS/IP Networks
  • Reservation Systems for Slotted Optical Networks
  • Efficient Monitoring of Web Services
  • Distributed Grid Applications
  • Scalable Access to Multimedia-on-Demand Sysgtems
  • QoS by Active SW Agents

Prof. A. Hafid's stations of professional career include

  • Senior research scientist with Telcordia Technologies (formerly Bellcore), NJ, USA working on the management of Next generation networks;
  • Research Director of the Advance Communication Engineering Center (venture established by UWO, Bay Networks, and Bell Canada) Canada working on QoS management for IP and ATM networks;
  • Faculty with the University of Western Ontario, Canada at the department of Computer Sciences and the department of Electrical & Computer Engineering:
  • Research scientist at the Computer Research Institute of Montreal (CRIM), Canada working on distributed Multimedia Systems and communication protocols:
  • Visiting Scientist at GMD-Fokus, Germany, working on the QoS verification of distributed multimedia systems.